Current Exhibit


Current Exhibit:
Prolific Patterning • Ink & Color; Celebrating the Journey of Five Creative Women
Featured Artists:
Lisa Davis, Donna Hornsby, Suzanne McNeill-Sparks, Cindy Shepard, Angela Vangalis

March 1 - 29, 2017; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday
An Evening with the Artist: 7-9 p.m. Thursday,March 9, 2017


 Zentangle Drawings Suzanne McNeill  IMG_9677  Out on a Limb      
 Suzanne McNeill-Sparks  Lisa Davis  Cindy Shepard      


Zentangles® - Beautiful images created from deliberate, repetitive patterns using ink, pencil, marker, watercolor and other media.

Lisa Davis, Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT), shares that "In this show I will examine the interplay between pattern and flow, how they relate to chaos and order, and how mindfulness is manifest through both. We can use patterns as a way to add order to our lives and bring us peace, and we can engage in destructive patterns that cause pain to ourselves and others. We can go with the flow of life in peace, and we can allow chaos to overtake beautiful order. These are lines we walk as we navigate our ways through life. We each place these lines in different places, if we examine them at all."

Donna Hornsby, "began developing her art skills in the early 1970s, with pen and ink. In 2010, she discovered Zentangle® and became a CZT®. She teaches the art form in the Fort Worth and west area. Currently, Donna lives in Springtown on a small farm with two horses, a large dog, a cat and a husband."

Suzanne McNeill-Sparks loves telling a story by combining memorable images on canvas and pages. The mission of her art is to draw from the inside out. Feeling the moment, place or subject infuses diversity into her work. Sketching on location and trying new concepts keeps her on her creative toes so that her art remains fresh and meaningful."

Cindy Shepard, also a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, is an experimental artist with a focus on the discovery of shapes and forms within an intuitive art style. Her whimsical, colorful art developed further after receiving her CZT. The repetitive patterns in the Zentangle® method of drawing find their way into her work adding energy and interest. Cindy's work explores light and dark, positive and negative through the incorporation of Notan and Zentangle.

Angela Vangalis is a dedicated creative professional, lettering artist, author and teacher. Her art, creative drawing tools and products, developed to inspire, have been showcased at the Craft & Hobby Association convention, featured in news, trade publications in addition to being published in 10 books.



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