Ambulance Billing Services


Photo of Fire Rescue AmbulanceEmergency medical services are provided by Keller Fire-Rescue. The city does not directly bill insurance companies or individuals for ambulance services. Emergency services are billed by a third party company on behalf of the City of Keller.

We have had a change in our billing company effective December 12, 2016.  Questions regarding your ambulance bill should be directed to the following:

If your service date was prior to December 12, 2016:

Intermedix, Inc. 

Contact: EMS Billing
Phone: 713-559-4965

Payment Address:
Keller Fire-Rescue
P.O. Box 450
Mansfield, TX 76063-0450
Billing/Claims Inquiries: 1-888-987-6178

If your service date is after December 12, 2016: 


Contact: EMS Billing

Payment Address:
Keller Fire-Rescue
P.O. Box 180446
Dallas, TX 75218
Billing/Claims Inquiries: 1-877-602-2060

All ambulance bills with balances over 120 days due are transferred to Credit Systems International, Inc., for further collection efforts. Questions regarding outstanding accounts may be directed to:

Credit Systems International, Inc. (CSII)
Phone: 817-496-6500

Payment Address:
P.O. Box 1088
Arlington, TX 76004-1088