Current Exhibit

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Current Exhibit:

World of Birds

Featured Artists:

Photographers Renate Grupp & Jeff Stickler

Driftwood Sculptors Terri & Jed Ford

Exhibit Dates:

Mar. 1 through Apr. 18, 2018
Mon. through Fri. 8 am to 5 pm
Evenings when building is open

An Evening with the Artists
Thur. Mar. 8, 2018 • 7 to 9 pm


The current Public Arts exhibit at Keller Town Hall brings the beauty and grace of our feathered friends indoors. Witness the elegance of water fowl, the intense stare of the Barred Owl, colorful markings and plumage of tree birds along with the majesty of the Bald Eagle and Coopers Hawk.

Renate Grupp and Jeff Stickler explore the serene movements of birds through the camera lense.  Their graceful, deliberate movements are seen in each photograph, as life from the sky flows into the gallery, capturing the individual personalities of the cameras subjects. 

You can almost hear the squawk of Ducks, pelicans, penguins and more as the whimsical wood sculptures of father/daughter duo, Terri and Jed Ford come to life within the walls of Keller Town Hall. Explore their creations from mesquite, oak, grapevine and other driftwood's as each piece magically becomes one of many feathered creatures.

Enjoy a special evening with the artists as they share their artistic experience along with refreshments. All ages are invited to attend Thursday, March 8, from 7 to 9 pm at Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway.

For more information contact or call 817-743-4000.






Keller catalogue 1 - Osprey DSC_3836 - Drake Woodduck DSC_4639 - Painted Bunting Keller catalogue 6 - Great Blue Heron
Renate Grupp
Drake Wood Duck
Jeff Stickler 
Painted Bunting
Jeff Stickler 
 Great Blue Heron 
Renate Grupp
IMG_03951  IMG_03981  IMG_04011  IMG_03991 
Pelican and Shore Bird
Jed Ford 
Jed Ford 
Jed Ford
Jed Ford 
































What's Coming Next? 

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