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Current Exhibit:

Keller's Got Talent

Featured Artists:

Michelle R. Acker, Rhonda Ackley, Donna Antosh, Anne Ashton, Alison Benton,
Jennifer Bourgeois, William Bourgeois, Anya Boz, Michelle Braden, Chris Brandley,
Diana Casabar, Deborah Clark, Paul Clark, Sharon Diles, Kathleen Dymond,
Adriana Esqueda, Lois J. Fink, Jed Ford, Terri Ford, Naomi Fron, Janet Gean,
Shamita Ghosh, Stefan Huyghe, Camille Gibbons Kerr, Michael E. Kerr, Damon J. Kilgo, Judy Klingbeil, Jesse Shane Larson, Isabel Link, Yunsheng Liu, Klaus Mayer,
Mary McMahon, Nancy Miller, Morphd Mohawk, Michael Onizuka, Chris Rudinski, Samantha Rudinski, Bonnie Schmitter, Charles W. Smith, Betty Watkins,
Margaret Winkler Weyers

Oct. 5 - 25, 2017
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Monday-Friday

 Awards Reception 
Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 • 7 - 9 pm


Forty-one City of Keller and Keller ISD resident artists are participating in the 2017 Keller's Got Talent Art Show and competition. The talents of these artists combined, share many genres of art, filling Keller Town Hall with a "little something for everyone." There will be nine categories in which the exhibit will be judged, with First and Second Places in each category, and an overall Best in Show awarded. The categories are Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Watercolors, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Jewelry, Photography, Drawing, and Pottery/ceramics. The show offers the best of the best that Keller has to offer.

Join the artists for a special Awards Reception on Thursday evening, October 12th from 7 to 9 pm, at Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway. The event is free and suitable for all ages. Not able to attend the reception, visit the exhibit Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm from beginning Oct. 5th and ending Oct. 25th. For more information please contact 817-743-4000, or visit the website at

Accident Waiting to Happen - S. Huyghe

                                                                                              Historic David Eckley Home - Lois Fink                                              





"An Accident Waiting to Happen"
 Stefan Huyghe


Bowl of Many Pieces - P. Clark

                                   "Historic David Eckley Box Home"
                                    Lois J. Fink


                                   Jemeana - A. Esqueda

                   Adriana Esqueda



 "Bowl of Many Pieces"
  Paul Clark



Serenity - S. Diles

       Sharon Diles































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