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Deborah BoelterStyling

Her art often incorporates found pieces of nature, scraps of tinsel, wrapping paper, and old newsprint. Inspiration for her art comes from faerie tales, feminist stories, and ideas of magical creatures and houses. The Pink Star represents Deborah’s imagined heaven and is an inspiration for much of her art. In that world, cats and birds are dressed in finery and may offer advice to ladies on a journey. Gypsy Queens, Painted Ladies, and fancy Flower Girls round out her eclectic collection. Deborah also includes an original poem on the back of each canvas that reflects the narrative of each painting.



  Imaginary Friends

Roberta Masciarelli                                                                                     



Roberta's art is based on what she believes: recycling, repurposing, thinking about the planet and most importantly, the environmental pollution which we are all faced with. Her background from her formal training in Architecture also had a significant influence—thinking and planning ahead before building.

Although she loves the 20th century influential masters, her style was loosely influenced by the Brutalism movement. This movement had a short presence in Architecture in the 50’s—70’s which made the structure and infrastructure of a building visible for the user: electric wires, conduits, plumbing and other details were apparent, making all of this a part of the visual result. Much like Roberta’s  pieces: hardware, metal plates, screws are visible, not hidden.
They make a statement about the message she wants to convey. 



Stephanie Rubiano, Assemblage rubiano work 2

The definition of ‘assemblage’ is “a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects.” I enjoy taking said objects (old photos, antique papers, butterfly wings, and other bits of ephemera) out of their normal settings and rearranging them into new, cohesive pieces that tell a story. This allows me to share my fascination of things past with present day society and allow a bit of commentary on the absurd. In a society where disposability is king, gathering these elements together from the dusty drawers and boxes to which they have been relegated allows me to breathe new life into them and make them “useful” once again.



 Chalk it Up


 Elise TechentineTechentine_E_FindingBalancePastandPresent

"Hands on skills and mindful hoarding collide in my chaotic space. Channeling insight and ingenuity, discarded, disparate relics fund new breath. The resulting assemblages tell the stories of my heart and my hands. As a lifelong seeker and maker, the call to create rings in my ears everyday. I listen, learn and appreciate."



 Finding Balance Past and Present




VET VET_Woodstream

VET is a native Texas artist who incorporates environmental recycling awareness through her artwork, commissions, and workshops.  Her murals and art installations combine the aesthetics of fine art with an inventive application of found objects.  In addition to her wide variety of cultural-based and educational arts programs, she always shares innovative ways to re-think, re-purpose and re-design discarded items.    









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