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Great Blue Heron


"The Great Blue Heron," Hollis Williford (1940-2007)

Bronze (Installed September 2003)

Location: Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway

Sponsor: Keller Public Arts Board

About the Artist
Hollis Williford was born into a farming family in North Central Texas and studied at the University of Arlington, North Texas University, and the Art Center College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. Though Williford worked in pencil, oils and etchings, he was best known for his bronze sculptures.  When asked about this artwork, Hollis replied, "I'm celebrating living forms in motion. The research is the fun part, about a third of what is necessary. The difficult part is translating dynamic action into a three-dimensional artwork. A lot of my subjects feature such dynamic action; but it's even harder to achieve subtle, graceful motion."


"Circle of Friends," Karen Crain

Bronze (Installed April 2003)

Location: Keller Public Library, 640 Johnson Road

Sponsor: The Friends of the Keller LibraryCircle of Friends

About the Artist
Karen Crain has earned many regional and national awards including the Roman Bronze award from the Pen and Brush show in New York. Speaking on the experience she hopes to create with her art, Crain says "my work allows the observer to connect and sympathize with the rest of mankind by feeling and contemplating those experiences that make us human."

 Bird Shadow


"Bird Shadow," Kevin Robb

Stainless Steel (Installed December 2004)

Location: The Keller Pointe, 405 Rufe Snow Drive

Sponsor: Thos. S Byrne, Ltd.

About the Artist
Born in Boulder, Colorado, sculptor Kevin Robb grew up spending summers on his grandfather's farm where he learned to weld and would build things out of found objects for fun. Over the past 30 years, Robb has manipulated pieces of stainless steel and fabricated bronze into graceful forms, creating works of art that bring life and quiet energy to outdoor spaces. A wonderful sense of intimacy is created for viewers as they observe his works that are held firmly into positions that defy gravity.


 Comet Dancing

"Comet Dancing," Kevin Robb

Stainless Steel (Installed September 2004)

Location: The Parks at Town Center, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway

Sponsor: Allen Samuels at Alliance






Something in the Air


"Something in the Air," Sandra Van Zandt

Bronze (Installed March 2006)

Location: The Parks at Town Center, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway

Sponsor: Allied Waste Services

About the Artist
Sandra Van Zandt was destined to become an artist; her hands always had a need to be doing something art related. Van Zandt is best known for her life sized sculptures of Will Rogers, which are installed throughout the hometown Van Zandt shares with Rogers of Claremore, Oklahoma.




"On Alert," Sandra Van Zandt On Alert 2

Bronze (Installed February 2007)

The Parks at Town Center, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway

Allied Waste Services





"Flying Heron," Darrell Davis Flying Heron

Bronze (Installed October 2008)

Location: Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek Parkway

Sponsor: The Conservatory Senior Living

About the Artist
Composition is what drives the work of Darrell Davis. His journey in sculpture began after a visit to Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, as a teenager.  After receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington, he enrolled in the Graduate School of Architectures' landscape architecture program. His work has been featured at the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. and the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.



 "Protector of Freedom," Darrell Davis ProtectorFreedom1

Bronze (November 2008)

Location: Keller Veterans Memorial Park

Sponsor: The City of Keller, Rotary Club of Keller, Greater
Keller Women's Club and The Hudson Foundation








"Great Blue Splendor," Ronnie WellsGreat Blue Splendor

Bronze (Reinstalled November 2015)

Location: Keller Senior Activities Center, 660 Johnson Road

Sponsor: Keller Retail Partners Joint Venture

About the Artist
Ronnie Wells has a great talent as both a painter and a sculptor. His pursuit of perfection and a constant desire to seek realism has cemented his foothold as one of the nation's premiere wildlife artists. Being an avid fly-fisherman and a duck hunter, Wells infuses a sportsman's insight into all of his works.





"Remember to Play," Janice Hart MelitoRemember to Play

Bronze (Installed 2013)

Location: The Keller Pointe Playground, 405 Rufe Snow Drive

Sponsor: Gasso/Arnold Family & Madison's PALS

About the Artist
Melito is a Hurst, Texas native whose work has become quite prolific in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including six bas reliefs at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth.






"Pathways to Play," Eric LaPointe - 4 anamorphic sculptures

(Installed November 2014)

Location: Big Bear Creek Greenbelt

Sponsor: Private Benefactor and Keller Development Corporation

About the Artist
Canadian artist Eric Lapointe studied graphic arts before completing his bachelor's degree in Visual Arts at Laval University, Quebec. His work can be found in numerous private and public collections, and has garnered international attention and praise. On his approach as an artist, Lapointe says "Through my work, I rebel against the evidence that clouds our ablility to question our habits. I try to give things perspective, to take my subjects of their ordinary aspect in order to reveal their hidden reality."

1. "Statue of Liberty"

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty view finder



 2. "Neuschwanstein Castle"

Neuschwantstein CastleNeuschwantstein Castle view finder


3. "St. Basil's Cathedral"

St. Basils Cathedral 2St. Basils Cathedral


 4. "Great Sphinx"

The SyphnxThe Syphnx view finder



All photographs, except "Protector of Freedom" were generously provided by
Endersby Photography.