Certificates of Occupancy

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When do I need a Certificate of Occupancy (c/o)? 
Certificate of Occupancy shall be required for any:

  • Change in business, ownership or management within a building;
  • Occupancy and use of a building hereafter erected or structurally altered;
  • Change in use of an existing building to a use of a different classification; 
  • Change in use of land to a use of a different classification.

No such use, or change of use, shall take place until a c/o has been issued by the Building Official.

How much does a Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) cost? 
The cost of a C/O is $50 after completion and submittal of a C/O application. On permitted new construction, addition or remodel, a C/O is issued at the completion of the project at no charge.



What inspections are required for a C/O? 
If the electricity (but not gas) has been disconnected, at least three inspections are required as follows:

  1. A Permanent Power inspection (this is to release power to the utility provider).  For this inspection, the building will be checked for any loose or exposed wiring, receptacles, switches and fixtures in place, circuits labeled on the electrical panel and any other items that could be a hazard one power is restored. If any item fails the inspection, a master electrician will be required to obtain a permit to correct the item(s). After the items are corrected and pass a re-inspection, we will send notification to your provider. Arrangements to have service reconnected need to be made by you directly with the electrical company. 
  2. The Fire Department will perform an inspection, and when that inspection passes, then
  3. Building Services will perform a C/O inspection

If both the electricity and gas have been disconnected, two permits and at least three inspections are required:

  1. A master plumber needs to obtain a plumbing permit and a gas test must be performed with a minimum of 10 lbs. of pressure with a gauge of 1/10 lb. increments. This will be inspected at the Permanent Power inspection along with the electrical requirements as stated above. Any failed items need to be corrected by either the master plumber or master electrician, depending on the relevant issue. Once the items are corrected and a re-inspection passes, we will send notification to the gas and electrical companies. Arrangements to have service reconnected need to be made by you directly to your provider(s). Once the utilities are reconnected, 
  2. The Fire Department will perform an inspection, and when that inspection passes, then
  3. Building Services will perform a C/O inspection

If the utilities have not been disconnected, at least two inspections are required:

  1. The Fire Department will perform an inspection, and when that inspection passes, then
  2. Building Services will perform a C/O inspection.