Special Referendum Election Fast Facts

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The Keller City Council on July 25, 2017 approved a Chapter 380 Economic Development Program agreement with The Birch Racquet and Lawn Club, a 27-acre Planned Development at 660 and 680 Keller-Smithfield Road anticipated at full buildout to include 10 indoor tennis courts, 25 outdoor tennis courts, a clubhouse, student athlete dorms, single-family homes and a golf practice area.

The economic development incentive package totaled $380,964, which included $274,000 in sewer and drainage infrastructure participation on the property, $60,900 in waived development fees and $46,064 in the form of a property tax grant (rebate). A third-party economic analysis by Austin-based Impact DataSource determined that the incentive would be recouped in 2.1 years and that the City of Keller would see a return on the investment in three years.

On Aug. 24, 2017, a citizen-led petition to overturn the economic incentive package was submitted to the city. Tarrant County determined that 1,559 petition signatures were required for the item to be placed on the ballot, and validated 1,589 signatures. On Sept. 5, 2017, City Council unanimously approved calling a special election, placing the Petition for Referendum on the May 5, 2018 ballot. The ballot item reads as follows:

“Resolution to Repeal Resolution #3909 and the vote of the City Council approving a Chapter 380 Economic Development Program Agreement pursuant to Chapter 380 of the Texas Local Government, and pursuant to the City’s Economic Development Policy, with The Birch Racquet and Lawn Club.”

Keller citizens will vote either “For the resolution” or “Against the resolution.”

FOR the resolution means you agree with the petition, and believe the City Council vote and the economic development incentive should be overturned.

AGAINST the resolution means you disagree with the petition, and believe the City Council vote and the economic development incentive should stand.

Please note that this ballot item impacts only the economic development incentive; it does not affect City Council’s approval of the Planned Development. To view the July 25, 2017 Keller City Council meeting, public hearing, presentation and additional materials related to the 380 Agreement, visit www.cityofkeller.com/specialelection.