Street Maintenance Special Election

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Fast Facts

  • The Keller City Council has prioritized investing in the city’s infrastructure through the improvement, rehabilitation and reconstruction of Keller’s roadway system.

  • A 2015 street inventory report recommended an annual budget of $1.5 million to maintain an average score of “Very Good” for Keller’s streets as well as reduce the backlog of “Poor” and “Very Poor” streets in need of extensive rehabilitation to 2% or lower

  • New Pavement Condition Index assessments will take place citywide this winter to prioritize the next 4-5 years of maintenance.

  • The city budgets street construction through a combination of Street Maintenance Sales Tax and General Fund revenue.

  • If approved, the 1/4-cent street maintenance sales tax is expected to generate approximately $1.6 annually dedicated to street maintenance and improvements.

  • Reauthorization of the Street Maintenance Sales Tax will not result in an increase to the current sales tax rate.

  • The term of the sales tax dedication is four years, after which another vote would be required for the tax to continue.


Street Maintenance Election Q&A

 Q: Will reauthorizing the Street Maintenance Sales Tax increase the city’s sales tax rate?

A: No, Keller’s sales tax rate would remain 8.25%. That means that on a $100 purchase, 25 cents would go toward street maintenance efforts.


Q: Why a street maintenance sales tax vs. property taxes?

A: The city currently funds road projects with a mix of both street maintenance sales tax and property tax (General Fund) revenue. The use of street maintenance sales tax revenue is regulated by the state and may be used only to maintain existing roads. Keller uses General Fund dollars for projects like capacity improvements (added lanes or turn lanes), sidewalks, etc. By dedicating a portion of the sales tax rate to street maintenance, non-residents who use Keller roads when shopping, dining and doing business help pay for their rehabilitation and/or reconstruction. This also helps reduce the property tax burden on Keller residents.


Q: How much revenue does the Street Maintenance Sales Tax generate?

A: That figure changes each year based on the city’s total sales tax revenue. Since the 2015 renewal, the Street Maintenance Sales Tax has provided about $5.98 million earmarked for street improvements. That funding has contributed to work on more than 7.7 miles of repaving and/or reconstruction across 39 streets, including work on Rufe Snow, Pearson, Rapp, Willis, Ottinger, Shady Grove and Keller-Smithfield. In FY 2020, we estimate that the Street Maintenance Sales Tax will generate nearly $1.67 million for street maintenance.


Q: How does the city choose which streets to repave/reconstruct?

A: Roads in each year's program are selected using Pavement Condition Index data derived from the city's most recent Pavement Management Analysis studies. These studies, which use special equipment to assess cracks and other issues at or below the roads' surfaces, rate the condition of every street in Keller. Public Works staff then uses that data to formulate road project packages. New Pavement Condition Index assessments will take place citywide this winter to prioritize the next 4-5 years of maintenance.