Do I Need a Permit?

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  • Yes, a permit is required for new and replacement fences.

Download Fence Permit Application


Accessory Buildings

  • If the accessory building is less than 120 sq.ft., you are not required to obtain a permit, but the building must be a minimum of five feet (5’) off of all property lines and cannot be built in any easement(s).
  • If the accessory building is more than 120 sq.ft., you are required to obtain a permit prior to constructing the building, and all material and setback requirements will apply.
  • A maximum of two detached accessory buildings are allowed on each property.

Download Residential Accessory Building Permit Application
Download Commercial Accessory Building Permit Application

Temporary Signage for a Business

  • Each business is allowed one banner on the building for seven days each, four times per calendar year, with a permit.
  • A business may apply for a one-time, 30-day Grand Opening Signage Permit within the first 180 days (six months) from the date the business receives a Certificate of Occupancy.

Download Temporary Signage Permit Application


Garage Sale Signs

  • No permit is required and one sign is allowed in the front yard of the property of the sale during the time of the sale. You are allowed two, three-consecutive-day garage sales per calendar year.

Tree Removal

  • A permit is required for the removal of any tree in the City of Keller.

Download Tree Removal Permit Application

Neighborhood Event Signs

  • The maximum size allowed is twenty-four square feet (24’) in size, and one sign per subdivision entrance is allowed for a period of seven consecutive days.
  • All signs must be removed within 24 hours after the event.
  • This type of permit is only allowed twice per calendar year.
  • To apply for this permit, download the Temporary Signage application above and select "Neighborhood Event."  

Yard Signs

  • No permit is required. One yard sign is allowed, maximum size 8 square feet in size. The sign must be located on your property and is not allowed between the sidewalk and the curb.

Certificate of Occupancy

  • When a new business goes into an existing building, and/or a new owner buys an existing business, a Certificate of Occupancy is required. The following inspections must be passed in order to receive the C/O:
    • Permanent Power (if the electricity is not already on): Call 817-743-4120, Option 107
    • Fire Inspection: Call 817-743-4400
    • Building Inspection: Call 817-743-4120 Option 302


    Download Certificate of Occupancy Application