Fence Regulations

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  • Dilapidated fences must be repaired or replaced in accordance with the City of Keller’s current ordinances
  • When 60% or greater of a legal non-conforming fence is replaced, the fence shall adhere to current code
  • All new - and replacement of 8 linear feet (8') or more of an existing fence - require a fence permit. There is no fee for replacement fences.
  • Fences on a corner and/or double coverage lot cannot exceed a height of six feet (6’) from the grade of the property. If you are constructing a wooden fence, the fence cannot exceed (extend past) the building line on the side of your property that is adjacent to the street. If you choose to use wrought iron, you may construct the fence eight linear feet (8’) inside of the property line on the side of your property that is adjacent to the street.
  • All wood fencing that is directly adjacent to a street and/or alleyway shall have the hardware facing inside and the smooth side facing the street/alleyway.
  • All properties adjacent to a park, trail, open space and/or common space area, drainage easement or drainage way are required to have fencing constructed of wrought iron or tubular steel.

  • Swimming pool fences are required to be a minimum of four feet (4’) in height, the gates must be self-closing, self-latching, and there shall be no gaps greater than four inches (4”) in diameter.

  • Once you're finished with your project, fences require a final inspection!




Please note, this page highlights the most frequent questions regarding fences, but this is not an exhaustive list. Contact Code Compliance staff for additional information.