Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I report a code violation?

To report a code violation, please contact Code Compliance at 817-743-4111 or email

Not sure if it's a Code Compliance issue? Check the Who Do I Call? page.

What happens once I report a violation?

Once a complaint is received by the Code Compliance Department, the subject property should be inspected within 72 hours. If the property is found to be out of compliance, a Notice of Violation is mailed to the subject address and, where applicable, the property owner of record, according to the Tarrant Appraisal District. The resident/owner/controller of the property is given 10 days from the date of the letter to bring the property into compliance, though requests for additional time will be evaluated and granted on a case-by-case basis.

After 10 days, assuming an extension has not been granted, Code Compliance officers will re-inspect the property. If it remains in violation, a Second Notice or Final Notice (depending upon the violation) will be mailed. Once every opportunity to work with a resident/owner/controller to bring a property into compliance has been exhausted to no avail, a citation may be issued. Additional citations may follow if the property remains out of compliance, though staff must wait a minimum of 30 days between citations, per the Municipal Court. 

Please Note: The process or time frames of certain code compliance violations, such as an unwholesome swimming pool or high grass/weeds, may differ from the standard process listed above. For specific questions, please reach out to city staff. 

How high can grass grow before it's a violation?

City ordinances require that grass be cut as often as necessary to achieve an even growth of less than 12 inches. Please note that the maintenance of grass and trees between the sidewalk and the curb or pavement, in the parkway, and between any fence, wall or barrier and the curb or pavement, is the responsibility of the owner/tenant to maintain. 

Does the city regulate landscaping and trees along the roadway?

Yes. Tree branches that hang over the road must be pruned to a minimum of 15 feet above the pavement and curb to allow emergency, commercial and city vehicles to travel safely. All landscaping must also be pruned 3 feet away from the roadway to ensure traveling vehicles are not obstructed. Like grass, all trees and bushes between the sidewalk and the curb or pavement, in the parkway, and between any fence, wall or barrier and the curb or pavement, is the responsibility of the owner/tenant to maintain. 

Where can I park my recreational vehicles?

Recreational vehicles, trailers and vehicles covered by a tarp (including RVs, boats, trailers, jet skis and similar vehicles stored on trailers, etc.) may not be parked in front of your home, including in the driveway. Instead, they must be parked in the side or back yard on a paved surface that encompasses the entire footprint of the vehicle and can support its weight.

What are the rules regarding unused swimming pools?

Swimming pools that are not in use can be drained or, with a demolition permit, filled in. If the pool continues to hold water, it must be maintained so as not to become unwholesome or conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes. 

How early can I set out my garbage?

Garbage, recycling and properly bundled brush cannot be placed curbside earlier than 7 p.m. the night before a resident's scheduled pickup. Garbage and recycling must be self-contained and should be placed out no later than 7 a.m. on the day of pickup to ensure service. For more details, please visit the Utility Billing page.

What am I allowed to store outside?

Items may not be stored outside in public view unless they are for personal use or consumption such as firewood, a grill or children's toys.