Who Do I Call?

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  • Building Services (817-743-4110 or buildingservices@cityofkeller.com)
    • Contractor Registration
    • Permit Application
    • Building an Addition and/or Accessory Building
    • Building Codes, including but not limited to Electrical, Plumbing and Energy
    • Denied Building Permit Applications
  • Code Compliance (817-743-4111 or codecompliance@cityofkeller.com)
    • Building a New or Replacement Fence
    • Temporary Signage, including but not limited to Real Estate Signage
    • Code Compliance Brochure
    • Complaint or Concern about a property you believe to be in violation
    • Unwholesome Swimming Pools
  • Community Development Department (817-743-4130 or communitydevelopment@cityofkeller.com)
    • Permanent Signage (Commercial)
    • Platting/Subdividing Property
    • Zoning Changes/Variance Request or Information
    • Open Board Meetings (ZBA, P&Z, City Council)
  • Environmental Services (817-743-4092 or obikman@cityofkeller.com)
    • Unwholesome Swimming Pools
    • Ponds
    • Mosquito Issues
    • Watering/Overwatering 
  • Keller Police Department Non-Emergency Dispatch (817-743-4522)
    • Noise Nuisances
    • Vehicles Parked on Streets