Sales Tax

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The following is a breakdown of the current Sales Tax Rate for the City of Keller (effective April 1, 2008):

Taxing entity Sales tax rate
State Tax Rate 6.250%
City of Keller
  City Tax Rate 1.000%
  Keller Development Corporation (Parks & Recreation) Tax Rate 0.500%
  Keller Crime Control & Prevention District Tax Rate 0.250%
  Street Maintenance Tax Rate 0.250%
Total 8.250%

The city receives 2 percent of the 8.25 percent sales and use taxes that are remitted by retailers within the Keller city limits:

• 1 percent is used for general operating purposes.

• 0.5 percent is for the Keller Development Corporation, the city's 4B Economic Development Corporation approved by voters in January 1992. Sales tax revenues may be used only for construction of recreational facilities.

• 0.250 percent is used for street maintenance and originally approved in November 2003 with its sunset revision approved Nov. 8, 2011 (expires April 1, 2016). Sales tax revenues may be used to maintain streets in existence at the time the sales tax was approved.

• 0.250 percent is used for the Keller Crime Control Prevention District, approved in November 2001 with its sunset revision approved in May 2006 (expires October 2021).

• 6.250 percent is collected and retained by the State of Texas.

The city's sales tax base is diverse, with revenues being generated by retailers, building materials, utilities, etc.


  • Texas State Comptroller - For information regarding state tax filings, local sales tax and applications for obtaining sales tax permits.