Winter Storm Safety

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Photo of a winter stormThe following are some winter storm safety tips to keep in mind should inclement weather occur in our community:

  • Remain indoors if possible. If you must go out, dress to fit the weather with layered, wind-resistant clothing, a hat, and gloves or mittens to protect yourself against frostbite.
  • If you must perform work outside, take frequent breaks to warm up and avoid overexertion.
  • Have emergency heating equipment approved for indoor use and appropriate fuel for it. Emergency heating equipment includes kerosene or propane heaters and wood-burning stoves.
  • Have emergency lighting in case the power goes out: flashlights or lanterns with a supply of batteries or fuel.
  • Keep an emergency supply of ready-to-eat non-perishable food and an emergency supply of water on hand.
  • Listen to your radio or TV to obtain weather and emergency information. Have a battery-powered radio with spare batteries in case your electricity goes out.
  • Travel only if absolutely necessary. If you must travel, do so in daylight. Have emergency supplies in your vehicle.

For more information regarding emergency management, please contact:

Keller Fire Rescue Administration
817-743-4400 •