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2012 New Smeal Fire Truck

Truck 584 is a 2012 Smeal custom fire apparatus with a 100-foot aerial platform. The unit carries 300 gallons of water, a full ISO complement of ground ladders, a Hale pump capable of producing in excess of 2,000 gallons per minute, a Rowe compressed air foam system and more than 2,600 feet of fire hose. Truck 584 was designed by the firefighters, which includes the new color scheme of red over white with a black stripe. This truck operates out of Station 1.


2008 - 75' QUINT

Q584Quint 583 is a 2008 Pierce with a 75-foot ladder.  This unit is equipped with a 400-gallon water tank, a 2,000 gallon-per-minute pump and a compressed air foam system. Quint 583 operates out of Fire Station 3.

2004 - 100' AERIAL PLATFORM   (Reserve)

Truck 583  Truck 583 is a 2004 Pierce 100-foot Aerial
  Platform. The unit carries 400 gallons of water
  and is equipped with a 2,000 gallon-per-minute
  pump. The aerial platform provides elevated fire
  stream and firefighter access and rescue
  capability to multi-story buildings. It also
  provides the horizontal reach to access roofs of
  buildings that are set back from the roadway or
  have large roof spans. Truck 583 is currently
  in reserve status.

2000 - 61' QUINT

Quint 582 at Radio Shack fireQuint 582 is a 2000 Pierce with a 61-foot  
Sky Boom Water Tower. This unit carries 500 
gallons of water and is equipped with a 2,000 
gallon-per-minute pump. Quint 582 operates 
out of Fire Station 2.

1996 - ENGINE  (Reserve)

Engine 589 pumping at training  This is a 1996 Pierce Engine. The unit carries  
  500 gallons of water and is eqipped with a
  1,250 gallon-per-minute pump. This engine is 
  currently in reserve status. As a reserve unit,
  it serves as a replacement for an active unit
  when that unit is out for service. 


2008 brush at fireBrush 582 is a 2008 F-450 Brush Truck on a 
four-wheel drive chassis. The unit carries 400 
gallons of water and is equipped with a Class-A 
foam system. Brush 582 operates out of Fire 
Station 2.


1997 Brush Truck - B583  Brush 583 is a 1997 Brush Truck on a Ford
  F-350 four-wheel drive chassis. This unit
  carries 300 gallons of water. Brush 583 operates
  out of Fire Station 3.

2009 - Mobile Intensive Care Unit

Photo of the 2009 MICUThis is a Frazer built MICU and operates out of Fire Station 3.


2013 - Mobile Intensive Care Unit.  2013 Medic 

This is a Frazer built Mobile Intensive Care Unit and operates out of Fire Station 1.