Special Operations

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Stokes suspended from High rise

Special Operations are those that require advanced training and skill beyond that of basic firefighters.

Keller Fire Rescue has partnered with other Northeast Tarrant County communities to form the Northeast Fire Department Association.

As a member of NEFDA, Keller Fire-Rescue provides the City of Keller with the following Special Operations resources: 


Photo of firefighters decon in suits

 Hazardous Materials Team 

The Hazardous Materials Response Team responds to all types of chemical, biological, and radiological releases and emergencies.

The team will identify the hazard, stop the leak or spread, and contact the proper agencies for clean up. NEFDA has two hazardous materials response units. 


Technical Rescue Team

Trench Rescue TrainingConfined Space entry in manhole

The Technical Rescue Team performs all types of technical rescues, including high angle, confined space, trench and structural collapse. NEFDA operates two heavy rescue units to perform these rescues.

Swift Water Rescue

NEFDA currently has two Zodiac watercraft for conducting swift water rescue operations. The team responds to perform rescue during periods of flash flooding and high water situations.

Explosive Response Team  

bomb tech in bomb suitbomb robot opening trunk

NEFDA operates an Explosives Response Team. The team responds to known explosives or suspected devices. They will identify the hazard and implement procedures to render the device safe.

Specialized Apparatus

NEFDA has several specialized apparatus to assist in Special Operations, including a mobile command vehicle, mass decontamination unit, mass casualty unit and a light and air unit.