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Inspections and acceptance tests are required of all new buildings, fire protection systems and processes in addition to Annual inspections of existing businesses.

Fire sprinkler systems require witnessing of a hydrostatic pressure test at 200 psi for 2 hours. Fire alarm systems require a functional test of all alarm initiating devices, including a 24 hour battery test, notification/initiating devices and other alarm functions such as recall of elevators and closing of doors. Other fire protection systems require appropriate functional tests to ensure proper operation. 

New buildings require inspection to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances before occupancy is permitted. The same applies for new businesses moving in to building spaces. 

Licensing inspections of foster homes, daycares, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, and other occupancies that may require a state license to operate that includes the requirement for a fire inspection, are performed on a request basis.  

Inspections are performed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call to schedule as far in advance as possible to ensure corrections can be made prior to your desired opening date. 

Prepare for your Annual Fire Inspection by reviewing the Pre-Inspection Checklist of commonly found violations. Ensuring that your occupancy has few to no violations makes for a safe workplace and lessens the amount of time Fire Inspectors will spend inside your business. Be fire safe, be prepared.

Pre-Inspection Checklist