Memorial Overview

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Photo of Keller Veterans Memorial ParkThe Keller Veterans Memorial Park is intended as a Community Park that will honor our Keller veterans. There will be several ways for recognizing veterans. The central columns for displaying names are made of granite and include a central pillar that is a monument recognizing the sacrifices of Keller veterans. Six additional columns, three on each side, will flank this central column. These six columns will be used to list the names of known Keller area veterans. These central columns are the focus of the Memorial Park.

Veterans who qualify as “Keller Veterans” will automatically be included on these columns. In addition to these central columns, there are also brick pavers placed in the plaza in front of the columns. These brick pavers are available for sponsorship by individuals who want to support the Keller Veterans Memorial Park. Sponsoring pavers give people the opportunity to not only support the project, but also a chance for honoring veterans who may not qualify as “Keller Veterans.” Pavers can be sponsored recognizing an individual or family, but there will be a separate area set-aside for pavers that recognize veterans that are not “Keller Veterans.” Photo of Keller Veterans Memorial Park

Policy Overview on "Who and How to Display Keller Veterans"

In the spirit of flexibility and inclusion, the Review Board will have authority to authorize additional names as they are discovered, decide how often to engrave the additions into the granite columns, and have the ability to consider exceptions to the following policies, on a case-by-case basis.

Policy on “How" to Display

Veterans will be listed as follows:

  1. Last Name, First Name
  2. Names should be listed alphabetically among the names that are listed at the date of posting.

Policy on “Who” to Display

Photo of Keller Veterans Memorial Park“Keller Veterans" will be listed who meet the following parameters:

  1. Have lived in the “Keller Region” before or during their US Military Service. (This does not include veterans who are discharged before they move to Keller.)
  2. Have performed in active duty (this includes anyone who is in a regular branch of the service, and any reservists or National Guard who were activated anytime during their time of service.)
  3. Have been discharged, or KIA, or MIA.

Policy on "Where" is Keller

The “Keller Region” is defined as follows:

  1. Northern boundary: SH 170
  2. Eastern boundary: Davis Boulevard (FM 1938)
  3. Southern boundary: Bursey Road
  4. Western boundary: I-35W

For more information about the Keller Veterans Memorial Park, contact:

Keller Parks & Recreation
Keller Town Hall, 1100 Bear Creek Pkwy P.O. Box 770, Keller, TX 76244