Hire an Off-Duty Police Officer

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In order to efficiently respond to requests and manage employment of off-duty police officers, the Keller Police Department has partnered with Off Duty Management to provide services related to hiring off-duty officers effective Sept. 1, 2019.

You may request to hire off-duty police officers for security through the Off Duty Management web-based service, OfficerTRAK®, or by calling the toll-free number below.

Off Duty Management provides the following to the customer:

  • Online access to information through the OfficerTRAK® software including:
    • Job status
    • Officer attendance
    • Field notes and media files
    • Post orders and instructions
    • Past and future shift information
  • Full liability coverage for the customer, the agency and officer
  • 24/7 customer service through the toll-free number
  • Dedicated point of contact for scheduling and invoicing
  • Officer payroll

 Organizations that have recurring needs for off-duty officers can establish an account and schedule billing cycles with off-duty management.


Prohibited Off-Duty Employment*

  • Any employment that constitutes a threat to the status or dignity of the police as a professional occupation such as employment at establishments that sell pornographic materials or items of a sexual nature to include establishments that provide services of a sexual nature
  • Any gambling establishment
  • Any employment or business interest in private investigative work or investigative work for an insurance company or attorney
  • Process server, bill collector, repossessing property, towing vehicles or other similar employment in which police authority might be used


*Please note that the above list is not all inclusive and questions regarding permitted activity should be forwarded to Off Duty Management.



Assignment Type Total Hourly Rate
Officer-Security $46.80
Officer-Traffic $52.65
Supervisor-Security $46.80
Supervisor-Traffic $52.65
Emergency or <72 Hours' Notice $58.50
Holiday Rate $58.50
Vehicle Rate $18.36


To request service or obtain a quote, call Off Duty Management at 1-877-636-8300 (24/7, toll free) or visit https://odm.officertrak.com/Keller-TX-PD