Solicitor's Permit

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The full text of ordinances regulating peddlers, solicitors and itinerant merchants can be found in Chapter 13 of the city's Codes of Ordinances. Here are the highlights:  

  • Residents or businesses wishing not to have solicitors may post a “No Solicitors” notice near the main entrance. Free notices are available at the Keller Police Department, 330 Rufe Snow Drive.
  • Solicitors are not allowed to knock or ring the doorbell at locations with a “No Solicitors” notice.
  • Soliciting in roadways is prohibited along with impeding passage of pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Soliciting may only occur Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to dusk (30 minutes after sunset). No solicitation will be allowed on Sundays, federally-designated holidays, or any day declared as a State of Alert (Orange or Red) by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Religious groups providing material about their church or religion, local school children selling items for school fundraisers or nonprofit youth groups, and candidates seeking public office may be exempt from permit requirements.
  • Solicitor permit processing will be completed at the Keller Police Department by appointment only.
  • Permit fees also include a $65 criminal background check fee conducted by KPD for each permit applicant.
  • The distribution of handbills, door-hangers and flyers is allowed without a permit provided there is no attempt to contact the resident in person. 
  • Residents are urged to contact the Keller Police Department Dispatch (817-743-4522) if they observe violations of the Solicitor's Permit Ordinance.