Youth and the Law

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Underage Drinking Hotline

Over the past few years there has been a concerted effort by law enforcement agencies across the state to target underage drinking.  Through the use of minor stings, Cops in Shops, party patrols, and other enforcement initiatives, law enforcement agencies have been able to impact this issue within their communities.  Increasingly, multi-agency approaches have been used to target the proliferation of fake identification cards that are often times used by minors to access alcoholic beverages.

Even with all of these efforts, it is not possible for law enforcement by itself to come to grips with the problem of underage drinking.  The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission, along with the Texas Department of Transportation, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Texans Standing Tall, and the Criminal Justice Division of the Governor's Office, has launched a new program.

The Texas Underage Drinking Hotline is now in place. By dialing a toll-free 1-888-843-8222 Texas citizens can report underage drinking violations.

Examples of violations that can be reported using this hotline include minors drinking at parties, underage drinking and driving, adults providing alcohol to minors, or businesses selling alcohol to minors.

The Keller Police Department takes a strong stance against underage drinking. We appreciate your support, and we encourage you to use the Texas Underage Drinking Hotline, 1-888-843-8222 to report underage drinking, or call us at (817)743-4522.