Operation Identification

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Operation Identification is a program to discourage theft and recover stolen property in your neighborhood.  It calls for the voluntary joint participation by you and your police department in identifying, marking, and listing your valuable items of property.  This effort acts as a direct deterrent to theft because stolen items bearing etched identification numbers are more difficult to sell, easily recoverable and can be linked with specific burglaries, making prosecution more likely.

Five Step Program:

  • Obtain the engraving pen from the police department.  Contact Scott Bradburn (817) 743-4533.
  • Engrave your driver's license number followed by an abbreviation of Texas on all valuables.  A driver's license number is best because police everywhere can use it to trace ownership almost instantly.  Example:  12345678 TX (remember to add abbreviation of the state).  If you do not have a driver's license, use other numbers such as street address and zip code, auto license number, and telephone number.
  • Photograph your valuables that you choose not to engrave (heirlooms, antiques, coin collections, etc.)
  • Compile an itemized list of all valuables (both photographed and marked).  Keep this list and photographs in a secure place with other important papers.  These will serve as vital reference sources in case of burglary.
  • Place the window decal and car bumper sticker declaring you are a participant in Operation Identification in obvious visible locations.

Special Tips:

  • Use only one number for the entire family.
  • Mark all removable parts of the item.
  • Make engraved figures large enough to be easily discernible without defacing them.
  • Mark number in an obvious place on each item.

Items to be marked:

All items of value should be marked, which include the following "choice" items for burglars:

  • Fishing and golf Equipment
  • Televisions, CD players, stereos, radios, computers
  • Cameras, cell phones, projectors, IPOD's
  • Bicycles, guns, musical instruments
  • Lawn mowers, expensive tools
  • Jewelry and furs (furs can be marked by using an indelible pen on the pelt beneath the lining)