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The detail sheets listed below should be utilized on all projects and facilities for public construction. The detail sheets are not to be modified unless you receive written authorization from Keller Public Works. You may contact the Keller Public Works by using the Contact Us link.

It is the design engineer’s responsibility to verify that the most current detail sheets are used. Please check this Web page for revisions regularly. All construction plans and associated detail sheets submitted to Keller Public Works shall be sealed, signed, and dated by a Licensed Professional Engineer.

General Notes:

    1       General Notes

Paving Construction Details:

    P-01    Typical Undivided Concrete Street Section 
    P-02    Divided Street Section
    P-03    Asphalt Reconstruction Street Section 
    P-04    Steel Layout 
    P-05    Concrete Pavement Joints
    P-06    Standard Curb & Gutter
    P-07    Curb-To-Sidewalk Transition
    P-08    Standard Curb & Gutter
    P-09    Typical Alley
    P-10    Concrete Valley Gutter
    P-11    Standard Residential Driveway Approach
    P-12    Commercial Drive
    P-13    Rural Drive Approach With Culvert
    P-14    Wheelchair Ramp
    P-15    Concrete Sidewalk
    P-16    Manhole & Water Valve Boxout Concrete Pavement
    P-17    Manhole & Water Valve Boxout Asphalt Pavement
    P-18    Permanent Asphalt Pavement Repair
    P-19    Median Nose Layouts
    P-20    Typical Left Turn Lanes
    P-21    Pavement Marking
    P-22    Combination Rail Type C301
    P-23    Combination Rail Type C301
    P-24    Combination Rail Type C301

Water Construction Details:

     W-01    Fire Hydrant Installation
    W-02    Tapping Sleeve and Valve Assembly 
    W-03    Water Line Bore
    W-04    Standard Water Line Embedment & Backfill 
    W-05    Standard Water Line Embedment & Backfill
    W-06    Typical Ring Connection
    W-07    Horizontal Thrust Blocking
    W-08    Vertical Thrust Blocking
    W-09    Concrete Encasement
    W-10    Detector Check Valve Installation
    W-11    Service Line Casing 
    W-12    Gate Valve Installation 
    W-13    3" & Larger Meter Vault 
    W-14    2" Water Service Assembly
    W-15    Residential Fire Sprinkler Service
    W-16    Standard Combination Air Valve and Vault (1" or 2")
    W-17    Offset Combination Air Valve and Vault (1" or 2")
    W-18    Offset Combination Air Valve and Vault (1" or 2") Brace & Air Vent Detail
    W-19    Double Water Service Assembly
    W-19A  Single Water Service Assembly
    W-20    Automatic Flushing Valve 
    W-21    2" Manual Flush Valve Assembly
    W-22    Hydrant Meter Construction Details for Water Trucks
    W-23    Standard Fire Hydrant Meter Installation
    W-24    Water Main Lowering

Sewer System Construction Details:

    S-01    Cast-In-Place Sanitary Sewer Manhole
    S-02    Precast Sanitary Sewer Manhole
    S-03    Drop Sanitary Sewer Manhole 
    S-04    Builder Standard Sewer Connection 
    S-05    Builder Standard Sewer Service 
    S-06    Developer Standard Sewer Connection 
    S-07    Tee Post 
    S-08    Sanitary Sewer Line Bore 
    S-09    Abandonment of Existing Manhole 
    S-10    Separation of New Water and Sewer Lines 
    S-11    Extension Ring Installation 
    S-12    Standard Sanitary Sewer Embedment & Backfill 
    S-13    Standard Sanitary Sewer Embedment & Backfill 

Storm Drain Construction Details:

    D-01    Street and Easement Flood Limits
    D-02    Reinforced Concrete Channel Liner
    D-03    Concrete Riprap
    D-04    Concrete Pilot Channel 
    D-05    Weep Hole Detail at Center of Channel Liner Bottom
    D-06    Concrete Flume 
    D-07    Channel Access Ramp 
    D-08    Channel Access Ramp 
    D-09    Concrete Channel Apron For Strom Drain with Vertical Headwall 
    D-10    Concrete Channel Apron For Strom Drain with Sloping Headwall
    D-11    Concrete Collar
    D-12    Storm Drain Tap Detail
    D-13    Concrete Plug 
    D-14    Culvert Safety End Treatments
    D-15    Drop Inlet 
    D-16    Ring and Cover Detail 
    D-17    Storm Drain Vault
    D-18    Subsurface Drain
    D-19    Embedment and Backfill 
    D-20    Embedment and Backfill
    D-21    Multiple Pipe / Culvert Embedment and Backfill
    D-22    Standard Storm Drain Curb Inlet 
    D-23    Storm Drain Recessed Curb Inlet
    D-24    Storm Drain Recessed Curb Inlet
    D-25    Storm Drain Curb Inlet 
    D-26    Storm Drain Inlet General Notes

Tree Protection Details

    T-01    Typical Tree Fence Detail 
    T-02    Typical Tree Preservation Detail 
    T-03    Tree Bark Protection Detail
    T-04    Measurement Methods
    T-05    Pruning Recommendations 

Erosion Control Details:

    E-01    Silt Fence Structures
    E-02    Rock Berm
    E-03    Stabilized Construction Entrance 
    E-04    Inlet Protection 
    E-05    Residential Site Erosion Control 

Miscellaneous Details: 

    M-01    CIP Project Sign Detail     
    M-02    Project Sign Detail 




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