Drainage Projects

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Water/Wastewater ProjectsRecently Completed Projects

  • Robin Drive/Court Drainage Improvements
  • Meadow Knoll Court Drainage Channel


Capital Improvements Program

Each year, the Keller City Council approves a Five-Year Capital Improvements Plan. This visioning document assists city staff and elected leaders in establishing goals and planning ahead.

Please note: Capital Improvement projects are formally approved on an annual basis during the budget process; later years' project lists may change based on citizen feedback, city priorities, available funding, etc.

FY 2016

  • Bandit Trail Drainage Project
  • Sports Park/Arena Road Culvert Replacement
  • Barbara Lane Drainage Project (design)

FY 2017

  • Barbara Lane Drainage Project (construction)

FY 2018-2021

  • Out years currently plan for $200,000 annually for unanticipated drainage projects

For more information about drainage improvement projects, contact Keller Public Works at 817-743-4080 or publicworks@cityofkeller.com.