Backflow Prevention & Testing

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The City of Keller operates a Cross Connection Control Program to protect the integrity of the water distribution system and the health, safety and general welfare of the people who use it. The Cross Connection Control Program includes:

  • Customer Service Inspection (CSI) of the customer's private plumbing to identify and prevent cross connections and potential contamination. CSI includes testing for lead to ensure the standards of Safe Drinking Water Act are met
  • Required installation and testing of backflow prevention assemblies where appropriate

A cross-connection, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency, is any "actual or potential connection between the public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution." Contaminants may enter the water system when the pressure of the pollutant source is greater than the pressure of the public water supply.  The introduction of contaminants into the potable water system due to cross connection is called backflow or backsiphonage.  Backflow into a potable water supply can be prevented by installing an approved backflow prevention assembly, or by maintaining a physical separation (air gap) between the water supply and a potential source of pollution.  The required backflow prevention assembly is based on the existing or potential degree of hazard.  

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers - Testers are certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and must show proof of certification and current licensing. As of Dec. 1, 2014, all testers working in the City of Keller are required to register with SC Tracking Solutions
  • Test Gauges - Gauges are tested for accuracy annually in accordance with the University of Southern California's Foundation of Cross Connection Control and/or the American Water Works Association Manual of Cross Connection Control

Backflow Testing and CSI Requirements

The City of Keller Public Works Department refers to International Plumbing Code and TCEQ rules for test procedures and installation requirements. Final authority remains with the City of Keller, and each case is considered individually. Inventory of backflow assemblies and testing records are maintained by the Public Works Department. 

To register and submit a report, backflow testers and customer service inspectors need to register with SC Tracking Solutions at

A CSI is required to be completed prior to providing continuous water service and/or certificate of occupancy in each of the following circumstances: 

  • To a newly constructed facility or previously developed property, which is requesting water service
  • Where any correction or addition to the plumbing of any facility on the property has occurred
  • After any material improvement to building(s) or the property

To search for TCEQ licensed customer service inspectors, please go to:


Public Works reviews all incoming backflow test reports and customer service inspection certificates. Documentation submitted after 4 p.m. will be processed the next business day.  

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For more information, please contact Public Works Customer Service at 817-743-4080 or