Cease The Grease

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Fat, Oil, and Grease can cause a bevy of problems in our sanitary sewer system. When F.O.G. is poured down the kitchen drain, it can begin to build up in sewer pipes and cause restrictions that reduce flow. These restrictions can cause unwanted back-ups of untreated sewage into homes and the main sanitary sewer system, resulting in health hazards, environmental damage and costly repairs.

Help us out by following a few simple rules: 


Properly dispose of fat, oil and grease in the garbage   

  • For small amounts, pour over newspaper or paper towels and place in the garbage.
  • For large amounts, use clay cat litter. Mix the litter, a little at a time, into the oil; when all the oil has been absorbed, pour the cat litter into the garbage.
  • After F.O.G. has cooled, pour or scrape grease into a sturdy closed-lid container, like a coffee can, and dispose of it in the trash.

Recycle used cooking oil

  • To recycle large amounts of oil, such as what's left over from a fish fry, contact your nearest household hazardous waste collection station.
  • Visit Fryer to Fuel for information on recycling used cooking oil to biodiesel, or check the phone book for "recyclers" or "rendering companies."
  • Reuse fry oil as many times as you can, and remember to filter it every time. 

Clean dishes to protect your pipes

  • Before washing, scrape or wipe cooled grease and sauces from dishes into the trash or compost.
  • Prewash dishware in cold water. 
  • Compost foods scraps or scrape them into the trash, not the sink


  • Don't rely on a garbage disposal or food grinder. Grinding food up before rinsing it down the drain does not remove F.O.G., it just makes the pieces smaller.
  • Don't pour cooking oil, pan drippings, bacon grease or sauces down the sink or toilet, or into street gutters or storm drains.
  • Don't use cloth towels or rags to scrape plates or clean oily or greasy dishes. When you wash the towels, the grease will still end up in the sewer.
  • Don't run water over dishes, pans, fryers, and griddles to wash oil and grease down the drain. If grease does go down the drain, follow it with cold water.