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The City of Keller manages a mosquito control and abatement program each year in cooperation with the Tarrant County Public Health Department. The program's strategy is to reduce the mosquito larvae numbers by focusing on public education, source elimination and biological control, and mosquito surveillance.

Public education is an important aspect of the mosquito abatement program. Household items that hold water, such as tires, flower pots, buckets, wheelbarrows, pet dishes, rain gutters, decorative bird baths, and swimming pools pose the most risk of developing a breeding site. The City of Keller is dedicated in educating the community on a breeding source prevention and elimination methods. The city representatives are available for participation in public outreach programs. To request a presentation, contact the Public Works Department at 817-743-4080.

Biological control or "biocontrol" is the use of natural enemies to manage mosquito populations. There are several types of biological control, including the direct introduction of parasites, pathogens, and predators to target mosquitoes. The City of Keller uses mosquito fish as biocontrol agent, a predatory fish that feeds on mosquito larvae. Additionally, the city utilizes larvicides – the biological insecticides that kill larvae.

The city conducts mosquito surveillance, which consists of early monitoring every spring and regular monitoring throughout the summer and/or from the beginning until the end of the mosquito season. Click here for a map of surveillance locations.

Early Monitoring
• Begins after 30 days of above-freezing temperatures
• Provides monitoring of naturally existing environmental habitats (creeks, flood plains, ponds, etc.) and man-made environments. Additional inspections are conducted in response to phone calls, emails and other alerts from the public
• Includes treatment of areas found to contain mosquito larvae with larvicides and/or mosquito fish

Regular Monitoring
• Begins when the Tarrant County Public Health Department Mosquito Monitoring Program initiates
• Includes regular monitoring of both naturally existing environmental habitats and man-made environments throughout the city. Additional inspections are conducted in response to phone calls, emails and other alerts from the public
• Includes treatment of areas found to contain mosquito larvae with larvicides and/or mosquito fish
• Includes trapping and testing of mosquitoes for viruses

Trapping activities are conducted on city-owned property throughout the primary mosquito season with five traps per week. Collected samples are delivered to the Tarrant County Public Health Department's lab for West Nile Virus and Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus testing. There is no testing for Zika virus, or other viruses that are known to be imported, offered by the Tarrant County Public Health Department at this moment. Presence of imported viruses in local areas are confirmed by a positive human case. 

Positive Virus Case Notification
If any mosquito trapped within the Keller city limits tests positive for West Nile Virus or Saint Louis Encephalitis Virus - or if the city is notified of any confirmed human cases that have been transmitted locally (signifying its presence in the local mosquito population) - notification will be posted on the city’s website and social media accounts.

Code Violations
It is a violation of the city ordinances to keep or maintain items on any property which contain standing water that is conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes. Reported violations are investigated and immediate abatement is required in the event of a confirmed violation. If the violation is not abated as requested, the property owner may be subject to further code enforcement action, including issuance of fines. 

Additional Suggested Resources

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To report suspected mosquito breeding sites in Keller, please call 817-743-4080 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or email After 5 p.m., please call 817-743-4200.