Railroad Quiet Zones

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Railroad Quiet Zones - Dec 2018


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Of the 11 active crossings affecting the City of Keller, beginning from the south at North Tarrant Parkway and extending north past Mt. Gilead Road, only three are within Keller’s jurisdiction, i.e. crossing the city’s right-of-way:
  • Bear Creek Parkway
  • Golden Triangle Road
  • Keller-Hicks Road

All three of the crossings in Keller's jurisdiction have been upgraded to meet federal quiet zone standards. The Bear Creek Parkway crossing went quiet in December 2014. The Golden Triangle and Keller-Hicks crossings went quiet in December 2018. 

City leaders anticipate some level of partnership may be required for the Katy Road/Mt.Gilead crossing, though the extent of each city’s contributions has not yet been determined. In that case, the intersection and railroad crossing are both in Fort Worth, but Keller has interests in having it go quiet and in Fort Worth's extension of one of the roads on their side of the border (Timberland) through to Hwy. 377, aligned with Mt. Gilead Road. Some of the railroad’s requirements for quiet zones regarding “channelization” of a road as it approaches an upgraded crossing may also require work on the Keller side of the border.

Union Pacific Second Track

Union Pacific has announced plans to construct a second track that would run west of the current one, parallel to it along eight crossings from Roanoke to Fort Worth. 

To watch a presentation Union Pacific officials gave the Keller City Council on their plans for the second track, please CLICK HERE (select Item D-1)

More recently, UP has stated that the second track project is delayed indefinitely.