How To Do Business

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Doing Business with the City
The City of Keller is committed to maintaining public confidence by ensuring responsible bidders are allowed a fair opportunity to compete for the City's business while protecting public funds, by receiving the best value for public dollars expended.

All interested and qualified vendors are encouraged to participate in the procurement activities of the City of Keller. If you have questions that are not addressed below, please contact the Purchasing
Agent by email or phone (817) 743-4030. Subject line of email should state "Purchasing Question".

Vendor List
The City of Keller does not provide, or maintain, an official bid list.  Rather, we use a decentralized purchasing system whereby individual departments are responsible for purchasing most materials and supplies for their departments.  The City of Keller uses a bidding system to post bids, quotes, addendums, and bid awards. Vendors interested in participating in procurement activities must register as a vendor in the City's eBid system and update the registration periodically in order to receive bid notifications.

Bidding Procedures
Notices for formal, sealed bids are advertised under the Legal Sections in the Star-Telegram, the city's official newspaper and the Keller Citizen.

Bids, quotes, addendums, and awards may be obtained through the City's eBid system. Vendors must register as a vendor the eBid system to obtain electronic specifications.  There are no fees to use the eBid system or to receive automatic notices.

Formal competitive bid and RFP documents may be requested from the Purchasing Agent by email or by phone (817) 743-4030. Subject line of email should state "Bid Document Request".

Bids are processed electronically and by manual receipt.  Bids are opened publicly at the designated closing date and time. Vendors are welcome to attend a bid opening, but it is not required as the information is posted quickly to the eBid website.

Quotation Procedures
Quotations are not required for purchases with a total single order value of $2,999.99 and less. Departments may make these purchases directly with a vendor without processing a purchase request through the Purchasing Agent.

Verbal or written quotes are required for purchases with a total single order value of $3,000.00 to $10,000.00.  Written quotes are required for purchases with a total single order value of $10,000.00 to $49,999.99. Departments must obtain a purchase order for purchases with a total single order value of $3,000.00 and greater.

Promotional and Marketing 
The Purchasing Agent may distribute promotional and marketing materials and company information to the appropriate city department, or interested vendors may contact each department directly. Materials and company information may be mailed to the Purchasing Agent at the following address:

City of Keller
Attn: Purchasing Agent
P.O. Box 770
Keller, Texas 76244-0770