Social Media Outlets

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In addition to a weekly e-newsletter and a highly customizable Keller Connect email notification system, the City of Keller has a variety of ways to Get Connected with us via social media outlets. To view and follow pages maintained by the city, simply click the links below.


City of Keller - Get the latest Keller news and event information as well as emergency alerts, road closure notifications and more

Keller Public Safety - Keep up with public safety initiatives, criminal activity and emergency situations

Keller Parks & Recreation Department - Learn more about the city's parks and major department events

Keller Public Library - Hear about book signings, new library features and special activities

The Keller Pointe - Keep up with competitions, special activities and health initiatives at our city-owned fitness and aquatics center

Keller Senior Activities Center - Receive updates on senior programming, group getaways and more

Keep It In Keller - Connect with our shop local campaign to learn about business news in the community, including special deals and discounts


City of Keller

Keller Police Department

Keller Parks & Recreation

Keller Public Library


Keller Parks & Recreation



City of Keller - View videos of city events, history and public safety initiatives as well as promotional material


City of Keller - Check out activity ideas and photos from around town


City of Keller - Browse a photo archive of past city events, facilities and more